Available ST.E.M. Courses

Skilled Trades

  • Credentialing for skilled trades as an Accredited Training Sponsor for NCCER (place this web address next to this line so people can see what options are listed on their website-https://www.nccer.org)

  • Our core trades training curriculum is currently: Carpentry (commercial & residential); HVAC Technician; Electrical; and Welding

Culinary Academy

  • In partnership with Culinary Coach (www.culinarycoach.org), the course offerings encompass certified training in:

    • Line Cook 

    • 3-day culinary bootcamp

    • Introduction to Professional Cooking


  • Training for the acquisition of the Power Industry Fundamentals credential. This serves as a foundational pre-requisite for credentialing with the power industry trades training.

  • This program also encompasses Edison Electric Institute (EEI) pre-employment test preparation training (https://www.eei.org/resourcesandmedia/Pages/Industry-Training.aspx). We deliver world-class training to prepare desiring applicants for the energy industry's skilled labor positions. The following are the batteries we offer training for: CAST, TECH, MASS, POSS,& SOPD II


  • Accredited through the MSSC (https://www.msscusa.org/certification/), there are career opportunities within the logistics sectors. Companies such as Lowe's, Amazon, FedEx & Walmart are constantly looking for certified laborers to work within their warehouses. We offer training for industry recognized certifications in the fields of:

    • Certified Logistics Technician

    • Certified Production Technician