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CW Consulting Group introduces the Legacy Builders ST.E.M. Academies (LBSA). The first in what is a series of brick & mortar facilities & distance learning models, housing trainees who learn the curriculum of the Legacy Nexus Program (LNP), National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) & Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC). We are creating ST.E.M. academies around the country for the “aged-out” population of adults older than 18 years and high school students for post-secondary skilled labor career opportunities. The aged-out population will specifically target those who are identified as African-American youth, adults, veterans, & returning citizens, who seek to begin their journeys into careers within the construction, manufacturing, culinary, & energy sectors. High school students can graduate with both a diploma & Department of Labor (DOL) nationally recognized credentials. 

Our training is delivered in a “boot-camp” style model; being delivered between 6-14 weeks depending upon the discipline. Additionally, there are summer models for high school youth seeking employment & training opportunities. We also have the flexibility to focus on “Distance Learning.” We offer online/virtual coursework & our speaker’s circuit engages in virtual speaking opportunities for interested youth. With the current climate and need for versatility in delivery of curriculum, we pride ourselves in being ready to bridge the gap between traditional, in-person training to the adaptation of distance learning models. 

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